About Us

NavioServ is a Mozambique registered company offering ancillary services to the maritime industry. We offer a range of technical, mechanical, catering and replenishing services to a variety of maritime operations. Over the years we have perfected our processes to bring you cost effective and efficient services that enable your continuous onshore and offshore operations with minimum disruptions. We have a network of operations in five of Mozambique’s main ports.

NavioServ has a diverse team of experts whose training and experience give us a vantage point in all aspects of our service delivery; be it culinary or mechanical. We have a strong network across Mozambique and Europe from which we draw our strength in providing you with the best spare parts and turnkey offerings through one source.
Research and development is a critical part of our business. We are constantly monitoring global naval trends so that our solutions are adapted to international best practices delivering maximum value to our clients.


Provide turnkey solutions to naval operators within our territorial reach.


To maintain world class service standards which enhance client operations.

  • Innovative
  • Transparency
  • Service Excellence